Personal Best 1/4 mile


16.4sec's @ 76mph


14.2sec's @ 86mph


13.1sec's @ 94mph


12.7sec's @ 97mph



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Jamie Newbold - Lil Loon


2009 was my first season sprinting my
standard engined Italjet Dragster using my
Dads old modified frame in the Junior Class', and
I WON the Championship recording a
Personal Best 1/4 mile Elapse Time (ET) of
16.4 seconds and a personal best Top Speed
of 76mph.



2010 I moved up into the 'Competition Class' where the competition was greater, and to be competitive in this class I had to improve my
ET and Top Speed.


With steady progress throughout the season, I managed to record a NEW Personal Best of
14.2 seconds @ 86mph
, and more importantly
WON the 2010 Competition Scooter Championship



2011 I again competed in the Competition Class, and with substantial engine mods continued improving my times and speeds, and again managed to record a NEW Personal Best of 13.1 seconds @ 94mph, and again I WON the 2010 Competition Scooter Championship



2012 Testing at Santa Pod on 19/02/2012 saw
a massive jump in ET. When testing with an engine built by Italjet UK Spares I set a NEW Personal Best of 12.7 seconds and 97mph
I didnt take part in any National Championship
in 2012, so apart from the odd Run What You Brung event which was geared around testing
and basically having fun, the year was very quiet.
Photo taken by Blackett Photography



My progress couldn't have gone the way it has without help from Lewis Ashforth at Italjet UK Spares, and in the early days Mitchell Betts from MJB Tuning (Mitchell was only 15 years old when we began playing around with scooter sprinting) both whom I have a huge amount of respect and would like thank immensely.



I hope you enjoy looking at my website and come back again to follow my progress.
We'll be out there again in 2012, looking to find 0.2 of a second to beat my Dads personal best, and 3mph to join the ranks of the few who have actually recorded 100mph on a single cylinder, normally aspirated scooter


Thanks for looking


Cheers, Jaa



Here are a few more photo's:

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At the end of 2008, my Dad decided to have a new frame built for 'His' sprinter and I jumped at the chance to ride his old frame rather than the Honda. I had wanted to sprint a Scooter all along, but bought the Honda to conform to Junior Drag Bike rules.


These pictures are a selection from previous sprint meeting during the 2009 - Straightliners 1/4 mile sprint season.





On 19/06/11 at Elvington I tried our new helmet cam and recorded a personal best 1/4 mile pass in 13.33 seconds at 91mph. The video below shows the run




My Dad allowed me a demo run his 'Top Scooter'. I managed 94mph in 13.6 seconds, which almost equalled Dads best speed and time of the day of 94mph and 13.4 seconds. Watch out Dad, I coming to get you




Max Speed Festival - Germany


September 26th 2009 I should have gone to Germany to sprint at the Max Speed Festival hosted by Scooter "center" Kolne which is a special 500 meter sprint event to find Europe's Fastest Scooter.


However, at 23:15 just as we were leaving, my Dad checked his passport and realised it
had run out and we were unable to attend this meeting.


Oh well, there'll be another one.



Click on the images below to see my 2008 Season
when I rode my Honda CG 125cc Junior Drag Bike




Below are a few pictures of me messing around

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